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Thank you's from those we have helped


Giving to families and individuals who have found themselves in need due to illness, house fire, loss of employment etc..

    Thank you.....

"Thank you so much for...the James Brine Memorial scholarship through St. Maragret's was a privilege to have known honor to have been recognized by you...Jim was the biggest influence to continue my religious education..and still inspires me to be the best I can be"


"I am so extremely humbled by your generous words to thank you for not only this donation but all the support you have given my family since my dad passed away..."


"Words cannot describe how thankful I am for this scholarship and your support, Jim was a great man and it means the world (to me) that (you feel) that I resemble him in some ways...thank you so much for this award.." 

"I am very thankful to organizations, like yourselves, who see promise in students and invest in their futures. I promise to carry on Jim's love for athletics, education, and giving back to the community and serving others. Your investment in me, will allow me to further my education and achieve my goals, and for that I am thankful." 


"We are deeply touched by your thoughtfulness. This money will be very helpful during this difficult are definitely keeping Jim's memory alive....we are inspired by what you're doing and can only hope to someday show others the compassion and generosity you have shown us."


"Our family wishes to thank you for your generous contribution..... Our family was overwhelmed with your support and generosity, the money will be used to defray....medical bills and expenses"


"Thank you for you support and being a part of my story"


"Thank you for thinking of the needs of my family. Thank you for taking some the financial pressure off of me!"


"I wanted to thank you for the scholarship I received from you. My freshman year has been a true blessing and your generous donation is to thank for it....It was an honor to receive this scholarship"


"I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to have been given this incredibly generous scholarship. I was very surprised and felt so honored that I was chosen"



Giving to others in Memory of Jim

Some of the ways we have helped:


The JWBrine III Foundation 2016 Scholarship Recipients:

Burlington High School

Nicole Dellemonico

Cassidy Smith

Robert Ryan

Brett Barnard

St. Margaret's Parish - Jim Brine Memorial Scholarship

Nicole Gass


The JWBrine III Foundation 2015 Scholarship Recipients:

Lincoln-Subury High School

Ilana Kleynerman

Burlington High School

Alexander Heisler 

Theresa Murray 


The JWBrine III Foundation 2014 Scholarship Recipients:

Burlington High School:

Jordan Mathias 

Jimmy Goober 

Allie Minghella 

Lincoln-Sudbury High School:

Luci Alexander 


Burlington Food Pantry/People Helping People

Donated $1,500 towards the purhase of backpack and school supplies for Burlington Public School students


Thoacic Oncology Qualtiy of Life Fund at Mass General Hospital of Boston

Annual $1,000 donation given in memory of Jim on his birthday.


Dan Breen Scholarship at St Anselm College - Annual donation

A scholarship given in memroy of Dan Breen, a 2012 St A's graduate and friend of the Brine family. This scholarship is available to give aid to current students at the college


Donations to individuals and families in our local communities

Doantion/support to graduating seniors who recently lost a parent.

Donation to 2 high school track athletes for needed support to be able to complete at nationals 

Aid to a young family who's Dad/husband passed away from lung cancer

Support to local children who lost both parents recently

2 families who have lost everything to fires in their homes

Sports equipment and supplies to a family who lost a parent

Aid to many families who's family member who has passed away from cancer

Donation to help a child get a much needed hearing device


Suport of local organizations:

The John J. and Helen Ferren Memorial Fund

The Knights of Columbus Exceptional Children's Fund

The Burlington Knights of Columbus 

Burlington People Helping People


Do it for Dad's


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