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The JWBrine III Foundation has been established in memory of a kind, faithful and loving man ~Jim Brine. We are friends and family who want to keep the memory of Jim alive while having the opportunity to help others, as Jim did his entire life.

The organization seeks to accomplish this by raising funds through social events, sports tournaments, as well as contributions from individuals and organizations amongst others. Your donation will be used to give direct aid to families and individuals in our local communities who are in need of help due to illness, job loss or other circumstances that have caused hardship. The funds will also be used to provide scholarships to high school seniors who plan to go on to further their education. The foundation will also make contributions to other worthy causes, including, but not limited to, the Thoracic Oncology Quality of Life Fund from MGH and The Knight of Columbus Exceptional Children's Fund.

The JWBrine III Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c3) charitable foundation.


Our Officers:

Colleen Brine, President

Kathleen Brine, VP

Stephen Gregorio, Treasurer

Jeff Brine, Secretary


JWBrine III Foundation Committee Members:

Rick Bertolami

Casey Blake

Kait Brine

James Brine

Craig Conway

Jenn (Brine) Marra

Heidi (Brine) Melanson

Mike Winn

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