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Jim Brine was a wonderful man who dedicated his life to his family, friends, business and community. He was married to his wife, Kathy, for 23 years and had 4 children together. Jim was the oldest of 10 children and was raised by his loving parents, Nancy and Jim. He touched the lives of everyone who met him. He was a true friend to everyone. He was very connected to the communities where his stores, Brine’s Sporting Goods, are located. 

Jim was a life long resident of Burlington where he attended school up until 8th grade and then went on to high school at Austin Prep in Reading. He went to Providence College, where he met Kathy.  Jim and Kathy married in 1989 and raised their children, Jennifer, James, Colleen and Kaitlyn, in Burlington. He had 9 younger siblings who looked to him for advice and friendship. Jim was just one of those people who was loved by everyone who knew him. Jim's friends came from all areas of his life; from his childhood to college, to connections through his stores, church, children and beyond.

Jim was a very religious man. He attended St Margarets’ Church in Burlington his entire life, where he volunteered as a CCD teacher, director and helped care for the grounds. He was also an active member of the Knights of Columbus. One of his favorite organizations was the Exceptional Children’s Foundation.

Jim was diagnosed with Lung Cancer in September of 2011. This was a shock to himself, family, friends and community. He was young, healthy, active and a non-smoker. He battled the horrible disease (with love and support from so many) for almost a year. Sadly the cancer spread and Jim passed away at home surrounded by his family on August 19, 2012. Throughout his entire battle he never complained and always stayed positive and found tremendous comfort in his faith.

He has left all those who knew and loved him with his gift of faith and giving. He would love the idea of this foundation where we can give to others in his name and memory.

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